The Long Lake of Phelps Lake District, LLPLD, was created under Chapter 33 Wis. Stats. for the purposes of undertaking a program of lake protection and rehabilitation and of promoting environmental values and the wildlife of Long Lake. Management of the affairs of the lake district is delegated to a five-member board of commissioners. The board includes one person appointed by the county board, one member of the governing body of Phelps, WI, and three electors of owners of property within the lake district. The electors are elected by secret ballot for staggered 3-year terms. The annual meeting of the LLPLD is held in July of each year. 


Meet the board-

Chairman-Jeffrey Carter Mason

Treasurer-John Rowe

Secretary/- Mark Swislow

Town of Phelps member- Eugene McCaslin

Vilas County Board member- Holly Tomlanovich